Two stand-out descriptions of Lynn are “Innovator" and "Thought Leader.” She has the very rare ability to understand a business problem, follow up with clear strategy, grasp organizational impact, and devise clear OCM strategies. She also has the tech and management savvy to lead implementation teams and to do a tech build-out herself, hands-on.”  — PMO

Lynn Noel has been on the leading edge of digital since email and the fax machine made it possible to work without an office. She delivered her first “electronic communications strategy” in the 1990s, and thrives on communicating innovation. Her passion for self-service drives her highest sense of accomplishment: working herself out of a job.

“What sets Lynn apart is her insight into the purpose and value of data to an organization and the people who use that data. I’ve seen her hands-on abilities as a change agent turn vision and strategy into a business reality that customers actually embrace.” –SAP Consultant

Lynn enjoyed an award-winning career in international marketing communications, outreach and adoption, and interagency governance as a consultant to the Canadian Heritage Rivers System and a Dartmouth Research Fellow with the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding. Following the publication of her book VOYAGES: Canada’s Heritage Rivers, Lynn entered the greater Boston digital community with tech innovators like Dragon Systems (Nuance), edocs (Siebel/Oracle), GotVMail (Grasshopper) and Brightcove, before joining IT consulting firms CIBER in service delivery and Keane (NTT DATA) in corporate services as an analyst, architect, manager, and program director. 

“Lynn’s ability to create, design, and model while delivering the highest quality work product and architecture solutions is superb. Having a very substantive discussion with Lynn reveals the depth of her talents as a strategist and visionary.” –Data Architect

As Director of Collaboration Services with NTT DATA Inc., she led the intranet team through the merger of twelve companies to design enterprise and HR portals, a unified information architecture and governance plan, global social and extranet strategies, records management and archiving plans, ECM systems for Sales and PMO, user experience for SSO, enterprise taxonomies for navigation and search, and self-service collaborative applications for 20,000 employees.

“Lynn has been my coach and trusted adviser. She has been my go-to resource. She makes herself available to provide her guidance, know-how, and expertise.” –Principal Consultant, Cloud Healthcare 

Lynn has hands-on experience in waves of new technologies from voice recognition and VoIP telephony to online billing and web healthcare portals, data warehousing and visual analytics, online video and cloud file sharing, and social collaboration. She brings an architect’s perspective and a designer’s eye to self-service business process from CRM to BI to ERP, and the patient facility of a professional educator and performer to communications and training for organizational change. 

“Lynn has the rare ability to see the big picture, to create broad strategies to achieve goals, and then to identify and execute small steps that lead to big changes. I trust her judgment and enjoy working with her.” –Sales

As a strategist, Lynn has a remarkably prescient “local is global” understanding of policy, politics, and governance in the public, NGO, and private sectors. Lynn is uniquely positioned to lead change in digital innovation as a trusted advisor and hands-on business architect. 

“Lynn has insatiable appetite for knowledge and the capability to turn around and apply that knowledge. She adds insight to any project as a talented team player.” –CIO

To stay grounded in the real world, Lynn volunteers as a social media coach and community organizer for patients and caregivers facing life-threatening and terminal illness. A semipro musician, storyteller, and landscape photographer, her Crosscurrents arts series for heritage education celebrates sense of place in song and story. Working digitally can mean checking in by phone from a plane or a ferry with wifi, leading a design webinar from her garden patio, researching and tweeting from an iPad, or writing a blog post with a dog at her feet. 

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